Seeing the Other Side (S.O.S.)

The Practice of Medicine is more than Diagnosis and Treatment.

The practice of medicine is much more involved than just direct patient care. In order to provide patient-centered holistic care, the physician must understand the role of other health care determinants. The WHO describes social determinants of health as “the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age… shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels.”

It is important for physicians to understand the perspective of the patient, see the other side. There are multiple factors that contribute to the general well-being of a population, and the goal of this rotation is to expose residents to these important factors. Healthcare has progressed from a paternalistic approach to that of teamwork. Besides the physician, other members of the healthcare team including medical assistants, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, case managers, and chaplains all play an integral role in patient management. Thus, it is important to understand their roles and value in patient care. The practice of medicine is an art, based on science.  Professionalism, nuanced communication, and empathy are core to a physician’s growth and should be directly joined with medical knowledge.

The rotation will equip residents with the needed skills and experiences to manage patients holistically. Residents will learn to view medicine in totality. This curriculum broadens the vision of young providers and fulfills the goal of PAR’s program in enriching lives.

Patient Experience

The goal of this pillar is to have the resident experience healthcare through the patient’s eyes. Hopefully leading to better understanding of their living situation, how it impacts their approach to their health and how the system is not always optimized to help those most in need. We hope this will lead residents to advocate for patients and have a positive impact the broader health system.

Interdisciplinary Team

The goal of this pillar is to have the resident experience healthcare through the eyes of the interdisciplinary team. This leads to better understanding of how the health system works as a whole and the impacts on patient care. Residents will have a greater appreciation and understanding of the many components that play into the care of their patients, and have a positive impact the broader health system.

Social Determinants of Health

The goal of this pillar is to have the residents experience and learn how patient’s social situations affect their health.  Residents learn what are the social determinants of health (SDH), along with how they directly relate to one’s health.  Residents learn about food insecuirty, food deserts, and local resources to help their patients.

Art of Doctoring (AoD)

The goal of this pillar is to introduce the residents to the moral and psychological aspect of medicine via exploring the ethics of medicine, physician wellness, communication skills and the life long learning process.

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