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PAR Internal Medicine Residency Program

Welcome to the PAR Internal Medicine Residency Program

We, the residents, faculty and staff of the Piedmont Athens Regional Internal Medicine Program, believe that the very best healthcare is evidenced-based and patient-centered: grounded in science, respectful of the needs and values of each individual, and responsive to the needs of the community.

Dr. Catherine Apaloo, MD, FACP
Dr. Catherine Apaloo, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine Program Director

We are committed to the following beliefs and behaviors:

  • We respect each person, regardless of role or title, symptom or diagnosis, relationship or situation
  • We listen and observe with a mindset that assumes the best intentions of the speaker
  • We speak and share information in a professional manner, with courtesy and respect
  • We continually seek to explore ideas and expand knowledge, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives and health of those we touch
  • We are proud of the traditions and legacy of healthcare: the research, innovations and technologies that have led to so many breakthroughs
  • We are humbled by the disparity of healthcare quality and access, and we are committed to narrowing the gap
  • We believe that the best care is not necessarily the most costly care, and we look for resourceful ways to minimize costs and maximize outcomes
  • We are profoundly committed to safety and integrity: we speak up when we see or sense harm
  • We are accountable to ourselves, our teachers, our team and our patients
  • We are valuable team members: consistent, trustworthy, encouraging and engaged
  • We are leaders: taking initiative, inspiring others, transforming the future
  • We are compassionate always: curing many and comforting all
PAR Internal Medicine Program:
Training Healers, Coaching Leaders, Enriching Lives, Transforming Healthcare.

Athens Regional Health System

Piedmont Athens Regional Health System is one of Northeast Georgia's largest health care systems. Comprised of an acute care facility with 350-plus beds, four urgent care centers, a quality network of physicians and specialists, a health maintenance organization and a home health agency, Piedmont Athens Regional is a progressive health care system committed to excellence and dedicated to improving the health, wellness and quality of life of our communities.


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